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From a small flower bed to a whole new landscape, we can design a sustainable landscape for you. We bring our clients ideas to life in our 3D software, so the client can see what their landscape will look like before signing off on the project. Our designs mesh together design, the environment and your personal vision for your property. 

The first step is to take a visit to the property to talk to the owner about what they have in mind. We discuss what colors they might like or dislike, what plants they love or never want to see around their house and what they want to use there landscape for. We then take a walk around the property to get and idea of how the microclimates, orientation to the sun, soil composition, measurements and other physical attributes might affect the landscaping. Every piece of property is different and will need to be designed specifically for that piece. 

We take all this information back to the office and use our years of plant knowledge and love of design to create a beautiful, functional landscape for the owner to love for years to come. 


  • Native plant design

  • Edible Landscpaing

  • Permaculture design

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