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Plants don't only belong outside for us to enjoy, but can be brought into our living and working areas to allow us to enjoy nature inside as well.


There has been many studies that have found plants make interior spaces healthier by cleaning the air within our working and living areas, as well as bring a calming effect to those that around them.


We design our interiorscapes based on the clients style or the architecture of the building. We use all kinds of different planters from lightweight acrylic to classics like terra cotta. From living walls to flowing large planters we can make it happen. The plants we use are all of the best quality. We source the healthiest and most vibrant plants on the market. 

Working with our clients, we can transform your interior space by brining nature in for all to enjoy.

Interiorscapes bring a since of tranquility to any space. We design and build with the latest materials and designs to not only give your workspace or home beauty, but great air quality as well. 

Indian Creek Plant Co. is a professional design build company that manages all parts of the project. We will come to your space and design, construct and maintain the interiorscapes we put in. From the beginning we focus on detail and the client. 

The interiorscape build process consist of our team getting in and out in a timely manner. We make sure to pay attention to every detail to finish with a stunning product that the client will enjoy for years to come. When the project is complete, we make sure to leave the space cleaner and better then we found it. 

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