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Indian Creek Plant Co. is now offering raised bed gardening installations. Raised garden beds have many different benefits to the home owner wanting to add some fresh veggies to your yard. 

Raised beds make it easy for the homeowner to take care of there gardening by bringing the garden up to you. You wont have to get on your knees to pick your veggies, but instead can either sit down on one of our custom planters or just stand and pick. They are perfect for the homeowner that might have trouble bending over or just doesn't want to. Having your garden in a raised bed also offers the ability to put the best garden soil you can find in it. Since the irrigation and quality of soil is so high, the density of vegetable can also be much higher resulting in higher yields of veggies each season. Raised bed gardening is the way to go if you plan on growing veggies in you yard. Call us or leave a message to get a quote for your new veggie garden. 

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