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The PLAN + PLANT is for the homeowner that needs a professional looking landscape and can put in some sweat equity for it. The PLAN + PLANT  consist of a professional landscape design done by us, directions on how to plant build the landscape and hand picked plants by our team delivered to your house with everything you need to finish the landscape.

First we will come out to your residence and have a landscape consultation with you to discuss how we can transform your property into a masterpiece you will enjoy for years to come. We will then go and build your one of a kind landscape on our professional design software. Once we complete the design we will present the project and get your feedback for any final changes. After getting the final approvale we then will bring all plants and needed material to your house for installation.

A full detailed set of instructions will be included in the PLAN + PLANT to walk you through every step of the way. The PLAN + PLANT is the perfect way to get a professional looking landscape at a fraction of the price. You will have to of course do the labor yourself, but if that becomes too much, you can always call us in to help you finish for an additional cost.

Get in touch with us for more details. 936-777-3103


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